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Massive Open Online Certificate - Infection Prevention for Public Spaces


Bujisic, M.

Clorox – OSU partnership

Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts Collaborative Professional Development Conference


Bujisic, M. & Bogicevic, V.

Ohio Department of Higher Education

Hospitality Listens


Bujisic, M. & Bogicevic, V.

The Ohio State University

Analysis of HR issues among foodservice workers in healthcare facility

Bujisic, M.

OSU Medical Center

Effectiveness of VR real-estate sales tool

Bogicevic, V. & Bujisic, M.

VR Global studio

Dining in the dark

Bujisic, M.

The Ohio State University

Bringing hospitality experiences to healthcare environments

Bogicevic, V.

Affordable Learning Exchange Grant

Human Sciences Virtual Reality Lab


Bogicevic, V. & Bujisic, M.

The Ohio State University

Development of Hospitality Virtual Reality Lab

Bogicevic, V. & Bujisic, M.

Case 3D

Service Preview Using Virtual Reality: Enhancing Hotel Pre-Experience in Customer Journey

Bogicevic, V. & Kandampully, J.

Alumni Grants, OSU

Customer service for individuals with disabilities


Bujisic, M., Wong, J., Bogicevic, V., & Turpin A.

EHE Signature Course Project

TimeQUAL: Timeshare Service Quality Standards


Smith, S., Bujisic, M., & Bogicevic, V.

Vacation Villas at Fantasy World

Visitor Experience and Performance Quality analysis


Bujisic, M.

Bok Tower Garden

Hospitality Bridging Healthcare

Cobanoglu, C., Bogicevic, V., McManemon, J., Shatskikh, A., & Beese, E.

Blake Hospital

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